About Us


Amparo's Apothecary was born atop an exquisite hand carved dining table in my bestfriends' house (April 2014).

It was the product of a series of conversations involving woes on dry skin and the ineptitude of expensive branded cosmetics to meet the needs of special skin types. The whining ultimately led to me asking my friend (who has now evolved to my guru/mentor) if i could possibly make my own concoction and finally find a product that works on my skin.

She grabbed this moment and started pushing (she has been dropping hints for years now) thinking it was finally the time that i had found something i could finally love to do. And she was right.

And so I did concoct that skin butter, brought it on a flight and tested it on my flight attendant family, who in turn led me to discover that my butter not only smelled good but was actually very effective against dry skin caused by aircraft atmosphere (its like i created the holy grail for all cabin crew — the perfect in-flight moisturizer).

And now retired from flying and with the full support of my rock of an awesome husband, we have started our trek into creating a full line of alternative remedies and homemade products.