What's in a Name?

I've often been asked questions with regards to the names I attach to my products.
"How did you think them up?"
"Did you mean, Meringue? Is it a typo?"
"I love the Olive Hoorah"
"Is it Meringue, like the dessert?"
This post is a semi confession 😄
When I made my first product, the Almond Merengue. I honestly set out to name it Almond Meringue (the food) as it does smell yummy, like erhm, food😃
While making the sticker I typed in Merengue (the dance). 😬🤦🏻‍♀️
Looking at all my stickers (albeit homemade, still involved some effort and wasted paper), I figured "why not?", why not choose dances instead.💡💃🏽
And the rest is history😊😊
The dance names we choose, would be considered first for connection with the main scent, then it's overall look on the label, its sound when spoken, and if we can, the relation of the dance with the scent being promoted.
Luckily (or by fateful design) MERENGUE matched the almond butter scent very well, up tempo, flashy, fun.
HORAH is a Jewish dance chosen by my husband, in reference to olive and the match of the dances tempo to the scent, subtle, persevering, earthy, sophisticated.
FREVO, just like its dance, this butter is light, fresh and energetic and marks joyous occasions.

CAKEWALK, which was mainly chosen for visuals, as chocolate and cake in a phrase is never bad, but still the description of the dance is rich in history and dates back to the time of slavery, it was a dance that represented pride and endurance, a subtle elegance.

And there you have it😉
so when people ask you if your butter name is a typo of Meringue the food, you can say "oh no no, it's MerEngue, the Dance" 😊😃